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God s' Margarita is a story-telling adventure and a walking simulation. Reniat Noc travels through the vast environments of his homeland to find out who is calling him after hiding in a hole for two years. On the road ahead, he is about to find himself into many adventures, challenging situations, and the disgraceful facts of war and totalitarian regimes.

God s’ Margarita is reminiscents of a TV series as episodes and seasons distinguish it. Made in Unity, it combines Top-Down and 3d Person experience, and its first version will be available on STEAM and Nintendo Switch.

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First Steps


ALPHA Demo is ready


Development of the first episodes


Development of Third Episode


Change of direction


On the Road to publication

I conceived the game's basic ideas, mechanics, and aesthetics. It was initially going to be a Top-Down mobile game, heavily based on story and without a lot of advanced mechanics.

After developing the game's mechanics and setting up a storyline, I created an Alpha Demo that I published on Android to gain experience and hear feedback from my community of game developers and gamers. 

Using the feedback from the Alpha, I continued to develop the next two episodes of the game. The mechanics remained basic, as I was focusing on the environment and story. 

A significant change in the game's development appeared when I decided to include the Third Person Experience. That led me to develop the character mechanics even further. Now Reniat Noc could pick up things, push boxes and use gadgets to solve real-life situation puzzles.

After reaching a satisfying level in the game's mechanics, (Actions, Minimap, Cameras, Cutscenes, Enemies AI), I set up a demo for Android users. The reviews would pool the rug under my feet. Only 1% of the players could run the game on their phones, with issues in the graphics compatibility to memory overloads. That was the turning point to the game's publishing strategy. 

This year is dedicated to the completion of the game. I have developed all basic mechanics, and I am on the road to setting up the story. This time, there is a massive boost to the game's workflow, as I am now equipped with a Perception Neuron Studio Suit.

The new targeted platforms are PC and Nintendo Switch as a start. As I am getting closer to the release, I'll consider publishing it on consoles too. 

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